5 Embroidery Jackets for the High Fashion Customer

5 Embroidery Jackets for the High Fashion Customer
Embroidery jackets are a wardrobe essential that can turn up the volume on any kind of outfit. Different embroidery types can give a different look to the outfit. It can go on to make a big statement or add glamor to the outfit based on just a minimalistic look.
Currently, the designers in the fashion world are going for embroidery on various fabrics to add exquisiteness and intricate designs to make it look either bold and beautiful, or soft and elegant. On jackets, embroidery can vary greatly as well.

5 Embroidery Jackets for People who Know Fashion

With embroidered jackets in fashion, many go for custom embroidery jackets which can mold the look according to the person’s taste. However, not every kind of embroidery suits jackets.
While bold and beautiful go hand in hand, there is a thin line between using embroidery for making a big statement and just giving a gaudy look. The same goes for intricate embroidery. With the thick fabric, there is an extent to which the embroidery can be made subtle, otherwise it will lose its charm.
Here are 10 Embroidery Jacket ideas for the people who know that jackets are a high-fashion essential:

1. The White and Black Combo

When going for a minimal and sophisticated look, nothing can beat the combination of black and white. It might be white embroidery on a black jacket or black on a white jacket. These colors can be paired with anything pastel and look extremely elegant.
Similarly, dull silver embroidery on black can add to the look and feel of the jacket.

2. Embroidery on the Back

A plain front and an embroidered back are also a high fashion trend. If the jacket is made from denim, embroidery with a base of blue can give a beautiful look. Other combinations that catch the eye are red embroidery on black denim, or delicate flowers embroidered on the back of black or blue denim jackets.
The embroidery can also have multiple colors if the purpose is to make a big statement. However, if there are multiple colors, choosing a neat design can bring out the colors and enhance the look.

3. A Homespun Look

Designers these days also love giving a homespun look and feel. This shows that much care has been put into manufacturing the piece. Sophisticated flowers in pastel colors chosen to complement the color of the jacket can add a little bling to it while not making the embroidery seem too overpowering.
A good combination is white- and mustard-colored flowers over an olive-colored jacket, or a light denim jacket.

4. Left Chest Designing

Adding a logo, a small icon, or a couple of words on the left chest also enhances the look of the jacket without adding much flair to it. This is perfect for unisex jackets and adding branding to the piece.

5. Multicultural Embroidery

Many designers are also going for embroidery on jackets to reflect a cultural element. For example, Afghani embroidery on jackets is popular amongst designers and making its way into fashion in Texas since the state houses many people from different cultural backgrounds.

An Eye for High-Fashion

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