High Selling Glove Embroidery in 2022

Glove Embroidery
The regency era has seen its fair share of embroidered gloves, both for men and women. However, times have progressed, and gloves do not only mean that one wear at balls. Baseball gloves, fingerless gloves, leather gloves, and woolen gloves are some categories of gloves.
Baseball players love to get gloves that have the name of their teams embroidered across or on the side. Some might even want to get their initials embroidered. When it comes to woolen gloves, contrasting embroidery enhances its look and as a winter essential, embroidered gloves sell like hot cakes.

Trending Glove Embroidery in 2022

In 2022 many have become accustomed to face masks with patterns and embroidery. People now know that fashion comes in different forms and not just in the clothing or the shoes one adorns themselves with. Therefore, custom embroidery gloves will skyrocket in the winter of 2022.
Here are some high selling glove embroidery trends that will be fast selling in 2022:

  • Logo and Custom Embroidery on Baseball Gloves
  • Baseball gloves are one of the most prized possessions of a baseball player. So, getting the team logo or initial embroidered on it increases the value of the glove even more so.
    Furthermore, many baseball glove manufacturing brands want to set the look of the gloves apart by engraving the company’s logo onto it. For example, Rawlings, marucci, and Nokona, which are top baseball glove brands have engravings and embroidery on the glove to set it apart.

  • Embroidery on Woolen Gloves
  • Woolen gloves should not only be functional, but also stylish. After all, it is one of the essential pieces in winter clothing.
    Face masks that people have worn during the past two years evolved, making it into a fashionable piece rather than only serve a functional purpose. People are now used to wearing add-ons that do not serve functionality but also add to the style. So, gloves with embroidered patterns will be a trend in the winter of 2022.
    The glove designs do not only have to include flower embroidery. Gloves with logos and initials embroidered on it are a great winter essential for men as well.

  • Logo and Initials Embroidery on Boxing Gloves
  • Embroidered boxing gloves are a step ahead from the ones that just have text and logo printed over the top. Neat and attractive logo or brand name embroidered on the glove makes it more valuable.
    Even more valuable than this and a trend in 2022, is custom embroidery gloves, whether it is boxing gloves, baseball gloves, or batting gloves.

  • Flame Embroidery on Biker Gloves
  • Bikers accessorize themselves with clothes and accessories that are fashionable and depict their personality.
    Many bikers love to race and so, flames embroidered on their gloves is an embroidery trend in 2022. A lion or a tiger vector embroidered on the glove will also be a hot trend for glove embroidery in 2022. Many female bikers also look for gloves that have embroidered flowers to give a feminine touch to the piece.
    Embroidery in dark colors like deep purple and maroon, and colors that stand out like white and orange are some trendy colors for the embroidery.

    Final Word

    Setting up a manufacturing unit to start embroidering gloves might look like a recipe for success given the hot trend of embroidered gloves in 2022 in Texas, the heart of fashion. However, without the right digitization expert, embroidery would not be possible on material like polyester or leather.
    Expert digitizers like those at Ambitious Embroidery can help you throughout the process and give you the digitized artwork that embroidery machines can stitch without frequent needle breaks, thread bunching, or thread wastage.