Modern Embroidery Designs Ideas for Jackets

Jacket Embroidery
Jackets, especially denim ones are quite versatile. They can be used for casual wear, on dates, and even to work. However, to enhance the look of the denim jacket, a good addition is an embroidered design.
Embroidery designs on jackets not only add accentuate the jacket, but also makes the one wearing it look unique and creative. When the world is going for creative and unique designs in fashion, jackets with embroidered mandalas or even photorealism artwork is trending.

Modern Embroidery Ideas for Jackets

Embroidery on the front of the jacket, pockets, and even the back are in trend. Here are some modern embroidery design ideas that you can incorporate to make the apparel look appealing to the modern and contemporary audience:

1. Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns using multi-colored threat is a great idea for making the jacket pop out. The designing can be done on the rim of the pocket, on the sleeves, on the shoulders, or even at the back.
This kind of design is suitable for both light and dark colored fabrics. But the choice of colors according to the fabric type and color is what highlights the design.

2. Floral Embroidery

Floral patterns on jackets are a timeless classic. This kind of design will remain in the realm of fashion in one way or another.
Instead of printed floral patterns, embroidered patterns on fabric are in fashion these days and are very appealing. Small flower patterns on the front of the jacket, the pockets, or even the collars can increase the worth of the jacket.

3. Bird Feathers

Colorful bird patterns, especially peacock feathers symbolize beauty and intricacy. It looks especially good on black and dark colored fabric as it brings out the colors.
These patterns are very eye-catching. In 2022, bright colored embroidered feathers accentuating black colored jackets are a perfect combo.

4. Waves or Abstract Pattern

Abstract patterns are a permanent thing in fashion. However, embroidered abstract patterns of waves make a statement that does not go unnoticed.
Jackets look exquisite with embroidered abstract patterns and are amongst the coolest apparel trends in 2022.

5. Animal or Graphic Embroidery

Using animals or birds in embroidery patterns has been explored by weavers and craftsmen for very long. With minimalism being the forefront of fashion in 2022, small graphic images of cages, birds, or animals on jackets are quite popular.
If one wants to go all in, getting the whole back or front embroidered with animal patterns and feathers is also a cool choice.

6. Mandalas

Mandalas have been a part of art and digital craft since many years. Half or full mandalas on jackets bring out the pattern and look very unique.
In fashion, simple mandalas have been used like logos on polo shirts to create a minimalist look which is quite in trend in 2022.

7. Embroidery Accentuated with Pearls

Pearls, like denim jackets are a timeless classic too. Pearls accentuated with single colored embroidery look very classy. This look is common amongst females.

8. Phrases and Words

Embroidered phrases and words are also common in denim jackets. They look especially cool if the color of the embroidery thread contrasts the color of the jacket. For example, red colored embroidery on blue denim looks very interesting and eye-catching.

Outsourcing Embroidery Digitization to the Experts

While embroidery on jackets is the trend in 2022, digitizing the artwork for embroidery machines to neatly and accurately embroider on the fabric is a challenge.
Ambitious Embroidery is a team of experts who quickly turn around the artwork into files that are ready to input into embroidery machines. As a result, you can quickly get the products out into the market and free up the time of the designers to focus on making beautiful and exquisite designs, leaving the worry or digitization to the professionals.