What Is Digitizing For Machine Embroidery? How To Get Online 2022

Digitizing For Machine Embroidery
Embroidered work adds value to the garment, be it a jacket, a cap, or simply dresses for occasions. When searching for embroidery designs, there is a vast library of images available. However, they are not design ready for embroidery machines.
Unless you are willing to stitch the embroidery designs by hand, machines will have to be told exactly which steps to follow to get the desired image embroidered to perfection.

How to Make Images Design-Ready?

Embroidery machines require a design and pattern to follow. With just a flat image, the embroidery machine cannot replicate the design onto the fabric. It needs to know which parts of the image to embroider first, how many stitches it requires, and the stitch density.
Digitizing artwork for machine embroidery simply defined is tracing the artwork into embroidery design files which are compatible with embroidery machines.
However, the explanation is in simple layman terms, there is much more to embroidery digitizing than what meets the eye. It is much like art or painting. While it seems to come together to the viewer, there is a lot that goes into painting the picture.
Embroidery digitization is choosing the stitching directions, which parts to stitch first to get a neat integrated look, which stitch type to choose, and the stitch density of each part of the design to get the required color and feel.
These files have a series of commands that tells the embroidery machine to stitch out the required design. For example, a logo of a university might require stitching out the outline first, then the seal, and in the end, the lettering. Or a design on top of an embroidered stitch will have to have the machine programmed to stitch it at the end.
It also requires an understanding of mapping so that the design is not stiff and becomes a part of the garment.
So, a software might as well digitize the image automatically, but it would not give the best results. If you want to get high quality embroidered pieces, you should not solely rely on digitizing software because it may get the image design ready, but it will not get the exact look and feel that you need.

Get Digitization Online in 2022

It’s 2022! There are several courses available on digitization available online as well as on-site. However, if you are a manufacturer, hiring someone who is trained in digitization will be rather costly because they will have to be paid more than the minimum wage per hour.
Just like repetitive business processes are outsourced to achieve cost-saving and scaling the business, you can also outsource the digitization process and solely focus on designing and sales of these embroidered pieces, so you can scale the business.
If you were to hire someone who is untrained and then train them for digitization, you would still be investing a lot of time and money on one employee while with Ambitious Embroidery, you can get started with a basic package of just $20 a month. Just like automating processes, outsourcing digitization is something that allows the business to scale smoothly and reach new heights without having to invest money and substantial time.
With Ambitious Embroidery, you can brief the team as to what you expect. You can also make some major and minor edits when reviewing the design in a graphical interface. This will allow you to seamlessly capture the image onto the garment and attain the desired look.
So, you will be able to digitize your image as design-ready for your embroidery machine to process online, without any hassle.